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Monthly Birthday Celebrations

We celebrate each child's birthday at the end of each month, where they get to wear a fancy crown or hat all day if they would like to make the day extra special.


Once a month, we share homemade or store-bought meals allowing our families to experience new foods together.

Holiday Celebrations

Our co-op loves to party and celebrates most holidays. If any family does not celebrate a particular holiday, we are supportive and respectful when planning classes.

Picture Day

As homeschoolers, we miss out on yearly school pictures. Our co-op understands the importance of these memories and we make sure to provide that experience for all our families.

Talent Show

Our yearly talent show gives each child who wants to participate the opportunity to shine!

Market Day

Our young entrepreneurs get together to sell their creations. Parents are encouraged to sell any curriculums they no longer need. It's a day full of fun and learning the value of a dollar.

Monthly Themes

Some of our monthly themes consist of:
Crazy Hair Day
Ugly Sweater Day
Wild West Day
Pajama Day etc.

Moms' night

We are more than just moms!!! We try to meet up once a month to sing our hearts out while getting to know each other on a more personal level.